Real estate in UAE

Why should you purchase housing in the United Arab Emirates? Most investors have valid reasons to do so. For example, there are no taxes on ownership, sale, or rent in this country. Moreover, income from resale and rental of real estate is higher than in many of the world’s key property markets.

UAE authorities are doing everything they can to attract foreign capital. Any investor who purchased real estate in Dubai worth a total of AED 750,000 (USD 204,000) or more can apply for a three-year residence visa renewable for an unlimited number of times while the applicant still owns the property.

Despite the high interest in this type of investment, our experts believe that the real estate market in Dubai is very overheated and now the price is on the hay. It is not safe to enter such a market when neighboring countries are actively developing next to the UAE. In September 2023, there is a possibility of a collapse of the real estate market in the UAE. We do not recommend our investors to invest in this direction and suggest focusing on investments in the real sector of the economy — in businesses where risks are minimized, capital is protected by liquid collateral, and profitability is stable from 1% per month.