Investments real sector

High Profitability

By attracting investments Terra Capitalista Investment Consultant provides support and development of the existing business. The projects of the real sector: production, energy, agriculture, construction of transport-logistic complexes, medicine, pharmacy and others.

The profitability of investments in the real sector is due to the high marginality of the business, which means that the investor is guaranteed to receive a high profit. More than you can get in other types of investments. To date, the return on investment starts at 1% per month in dollars, which corresponds to 12 per annum. 

In special cases, we are ready to provide our investors with an increased yield of 2% per month in dollars on special conditions, which corresponds to 24% per annum.

Our principles

We do not support or finance projects related to harm to health or causing death, such as weapons, alcohol, tobacco, drugs and other harmful products. We are interested in cooperation with companies with a high moral rating that benefit people and develop the economies of various countries. There are many believers and humanists among our clients, and our principles meet their expectations.

We maintain the confidentiality of our transactions and the personal data of our investors and clients without transferring them to absolutely anyone. The safety of information about our work is one of our strengths.

Regular Payments

Good enterprises do not stand idle, but make a profit on a monthly basis, which means that investors who have invested in the development of these enterprises will also receive their profits on a monthly basis. The very next month, after investing, you will receive your first profit. The transfer takes place to the card or bank account specified in the contract, as well as in another convenient and legal way, in each specific country. For example, cash or cryptocurrency.

The investment period starts from 1 year or more. If necessary, the invested funds after submitting the withdrawal order will be returned in the original — in full for the next month. 

Investment Required: from $10,000.

High Protect Capital

We take care of the safety of our investors’ capital and protect investments with highly liquid collateral — liens of movable and immovable property, which business owners transfer to our company for the entire investment period. In case of negative or unforeseen events for the borrower — businessman, we will realize his collateral and return his money to the investor in full or reinvest it in a new operating business, maintaining the stability of payments to the investor.